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    What does it take to come out of the closet? Since he was thirteen, Caleb has always known he’s gay. Now a college freshman, he falls in love for the first time. If it’s true that love conquers all, then will Caleb finally find the courage to reveal his secret?
       In this tale about family, friendship and self-discovery, find out how Caleb discovers the path to the freedom he’s always longed for. Here’s a hint: it involves doing things outside his comfort zone, such as joining a spoken word group!

My opinion

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A story of love and acceptance that we should all read.
A book with imperfect and realistic characters.
All that i liked caleb was those thoughts and reflections.
Caleb e sun chico of 17 years who is homosexual and he believes that the people of his environment will not accept him for that and it is something that is seen in the development of history.
What you find in this history is music, poetry, life and love.About the colors caleb, a talented pianist with a penchant for colorful bow ties. Ginny and her ever-changing hair colors.

As i have understood and with the help of the internet in the philippines in recent years has had an acceptance and tolerance towards homosexuals, nonetheless still discrimination persists as homophobia in certain societies that for which the country is still a long way to go . Previously homosexuality in the philippines was illegal and considered a crime, although nothing was practical and was only in theory.

Agay llanera writes in a perfect way that makes you feel part of the book, because that is what i felt when reading this book, since it addresses a topic that for every teenager is a stage full of challenges and demands, and an important aspect of development is to define sexual identity.
To hide who we are is more than to be afraid of ourselves, is to be afraid to expose our vulnerability and the pain that we are going to get from it. It is more guilt and fear of disappointment  that we can cause our family.

About the Author: 
Agay Llanera is a freelance writer for television and a published writer of children’s books. She took piano lessons when she was a kid, and wished she hadn’t given them up. Her titles include the following:
Romance: Vintage Love / Once upon a Player / This Side of Sunny
Young Adult: Choco Chip Hips

Contact the author: 
Twitter: agayskee
Facebook: Agay Llanera
Instagram: AgayLlanera

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